Knit Blanket in Cutout

State The Label

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Blankets seem to be one of those things you just acquire over time. Ugly throws, snaggled knit afghans made of 100% acrylic from a Great Aunt we never met, and gross old comforters we can’t bear to toss out. But then, one day, along comes a blanket you LIKE. One that feels like your style. It adds to your decor. When you untuck yourself to go get a refill of popcorn, you walk back and think “Man, my house is cool. I’m a grown ass adult who owns a blanket I actually like.”

The Cutouts design is literally taken from the drawings State sends the woman who custom cuts the shapes for their Woodcrafts. The drawings are layered and stacked, just like they are as shapes on our mirrors and pegs. Knit in a glorious color combo, it’s going to really sing in your house.

  • Measures 50" wide x 60" long