Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

Everybody Collective

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We are so pleased with Everybody Collective's new holiday collection and are excited to share it with you! So many people enjoyed Wonderland as part of their winter celebration last year that it became part of this year’s collection. Two new fragrances added to the collection will keep the best parts of your holidays warm and safe in your olfactory memories. 75+ Hours. $35 each, or $83 for entire collection. 

Wonderland - This is the classic holiday scent, fresh Balsam and Frasier Firs dance in the twinkling evening light.

Merriment - The calm and warming tranquility of a log cabin fireplace and a few close loved ones. Cypress, pine, clove, and ginger.

Party - That familiar fragrance of mulling spices at a bubbling winter gathering. Orange, cinnamon, clove…. party….


Made in Columbus, OH.