See The Good in Everything Mini Flag

See The Good in Everything Mini Flag

The Parative Project

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The Parative Project's collaborative flag with Sam Landerth carries a message that we could never hear enough.

We love Sam’s take on the flag:

“I love the thought that there’s something good to be taken away from every situation. Any time I’ve ever looked back on something that I saw as bad or un-ideal, I’ve been able to see what good came out of it. Such a good reminder in the moment when something isn’t going the way I wish it would, that soon i’ll see why everything fell into place the way it did! I always want to see the good in everything.”

100% canvas. This flag is made with heavy canvas, with brass grommets. Measures 16x26 inches. Hang anywhere, spot wash, hang to dry.


Sewn in freedom in India at Aruna / Printed locally in Cincinnati, OH. Designed by