Bedrock Kilim Rug

Bedrock Kilim Rug


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MATERIAL - Wool rug, hand-woven on a cotton base. - All of Kiliim’s products are handcrafted, making each product unique. Slight variations and imperfections are embraced.

CARE - Carpet clean recommended or hand wash cold with non-bleach detergent. - For stains, scrub with gel detergent & leave to air dry. - Do not use bleach, stain remover, or tumble dry. - Products are for indoor use, do not expose to direct sunlight.

PRODUCT STORY This piece is part of our Desert Neutrals collection. Its inspiration comes from the simplicity of the desert. It is dry and vast and quiet. Its color palate is neutral and understated, yet far from dull, far from dead. In its efforts to thrive in its climate, the desert has created forms, tones and textures that speak worlds to its majesty. These places shape the majority of Egypt’s landscape, making them a great part of our topographical identity. The artisans who made this product are making fair wages and preserving Egyptian cultural heritage.

Made in Egypt