KLXTV Wynn Shorts in Black Embroidered Eyelet


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Easy fitting shorts with a stretchy elastic waist and slightly oversized shape.

100% Cotton twill. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

Fits true to size. Suzanne is wearing a M/L in her fitting room selfie.

KLXTV is a collaboration between Kurt Lyle and Toit Volant that was born of many long conversations between the respective founders, Virginia Craddock and Alnea Farahbella, during the initial lockdown of 2020. The conclusion was this - the most important thing in life and in work is to honor your community, to respect the process and the earth, and to do what you love.

For Alnea and Virginia that led to this collaboration in which they both approached the project from the other's point of view, pulling colors and prints from the Kurt Lyle world and applying them to silhouettes and patterns from the Toit Volant archives.  The result is a collection that exudes a mashup of their own personal styles and gives a nod to the culture of their youth, while exploring designing for less waste.