Knit Blanket in Abstract

Knit Blanket in Abstract

State The Label

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Blankets seem to be one of those things you just acquire over time. Ugly throws, snaggled knit afghans made of 100% acrylic from a Great Aunt we never met, and gross old comforters we can’t bear to toss out. But then, one day, along comes a blanket you LIKE. One that feels like your style. It adds to your decor. When you untuck yourself to go get a refill of popcorn, you walk back and think “Man, my house is cool. I’m a grown ass adult who owns a blanket I actually like.”

The Abstract Blanket is the cousin of State's Abstract Rug. Many of the shapes echo each other, and the stark black and white palette is a real looker. They’ve styled this guy in half a dozen rooms and shoots, and each time it adds the right amount of graphic pop to a space.

  • Measures 50" wide x 60" long