7115 by Szeki Mid-Sleeves Spring Button Down in Charcoal

Mid-Sleeves Spring Button Down in Charcoal

7115 by Szeki

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As the weather gets warmer this will be the one short-sleeve button down that you can constantly rely on to keep you looking polished. This relaxed and easy collarless button down yields a loose fit with dolman style half-sleeves. The cut and material features a soft drape that won’t cling to you making it a breathable and breezy go-to for spring and summer.  

60% Tencel, 40% Rayon. This blend comes together to create a fabric that possesses the best qualities of both fibers. A tencel rayon woven fabric exhibits a soft, breathable and lightweight feel that’s cool against the skin. Tencel is a 100% biodegradable and anti-bacterial fabric that has the softness of cotton and a smooth aesthetic. When blended together with rayon, these two fibers create a fabric with a silk-like aesthetic which drapes beautifully to flatter every figure. The wrinkle-resistant properties and durability of tencel means your tencel rayon pieces will be fuss-free and easy to care for. 

You will be able to machine wash on a cool gentle cycle and line dry. To prolong the lifespan of your pieces and not show as much wear, we recommend hand washing and line drying.


Every piece is designed in New York, and expertly crafted in small batches by 7115's in-house production studio in Guangzhou City, China.