Summer is a Feeling Rug, 2'x3'

Summer is a Feeling Rug, 2'x3'

Cold Picnic

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You know it when it’s here and miss it when it’s gone. 

Cream with black, salmon, lavender and mandarin

A note on color: the lookbook images may have been brightened and lightened and may not accurately reflect the true colors in the rug. In some cases lookbook photos are from a different factory or dye bath. Please always refer to the photos on white ground for the closest possible color match. 

  • Flat weave rug
  • 2'x3'
  • 100% wool yarn
  • Approximately ¼” thick
  • Cold Picnic's flat weave rugs offer a lightweight and slightly more casual update to their trademark hand tufted rugs. The texture is pleasantly scratchy ( think vintage wool fishermans sweaters), but if you prefer a softer feel, you may want to check out their hand tufted styles.
  • Regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining the condition of the rug.
  • We recommend using a rug pad with all Cold Picnic rugs, but especially their flat weave styles. A rug pad will help keep your rug safe and securely in place, and also straighten out any wrinkles from your rug’s previous life stages like storage and shipment.
  • Most suitable for medium to high traffic areas.

Handmade in India by skilled artisans.