Dress in Rubia

Dress in Rubia


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A color nod to the florals of ancient Pompeii. This warm natural dye red is at once magical and known.

⋮ 100% soft handwoven cotton
⋮ Naturally dyed by hand

The sundress is a tank styled long shift silhouette with deep hidden pockets and generous side splits at the bottom hem. The front neckline has a generous U-scoop, with a mirror hem for the back.

This handmade textile is minimally treated and will soften over time with wear and wash. Please made sure to spot test a hidden area with your detergent prior to wash to make sure there is no conflict with the natural dyes. These pieces are meant to be worn often and reflect handmade artful joy. Garment is cut a shade large to account for shrinkage when machine dried. Please hang dry if you do not desire any shrinkage.

Measurements taken with garment laying flat:

ptp: 18.5”
hip: 19.5
length: 42.5”

ptp: 19.5”
hip: 20.”
length: 42.5”

ptp: 20.5”
hip: 22”
length: 43.5”

ptp: 21.5”
hip: 22.5”
length: 44”

ptp: 22.5”
hip: 23.5”
length: 44.5”