Sunrise Wellness Blend

Sunrise Wellness Blend

Beyond The Clouds

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The Sunrise Blend is a turmeric based wellness blend. Sold as a powder, this blend is easy to add to almost any food item and is also vegan, organic, and gluten free. It's great in smoothies, tea, baked goods - whatever you may think of.

Beyond The Clouds chose to use turmeric as base because of its adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Maca root, the highlight superfood in this blend, is a natural energy/stamina booster, promotes natural antioxidants, and improves libido and fertility. Beetroot was also added for its beautiful deep ruby color and sweet taste, but it’s also great for stamina, liver support, blood health, and anti-cancer properties. Equally effective for workout smoothies and hangover cures!

Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic maca root, organic beet root, organic black pepper


This product is formulated, mixed, and made by Beyond The Clouds in Columbus, OH.