Wild Medicines: Spring Workshop Series with Aniko Zala // Wild Origins

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We are so excited to bring you our very first workshop series with Aniko Zala of Wild Origins! Classes are available for individual purchase here, or chose this bundle to save 10% of the price of all three classes. 
March 21 // 7:00 pm
As the weather warms we wake, ready again to unfold and venture out after a sedentary season.  In this hands on workshop we will discuss the traditional role that plants have in waking our bodies after winter.  We will talk about and taste high vitamin herbs, plants that support the lymphatic system, bitter herbs that revitalize digestion after a season of heavier foods, and the importance of the first greens of the season. Everyone will make and take home a vinegar tonic to ease their transition into spring.
April 18 // 7:00 pm
There is much more to herbalism than chamomile tea. In this workshop we will try and learn about a variety of herbal medicines and talk about the roles and benefits of each.  I teach the folk method of medicine making so it's accessible to anyone who is interested in learning. We will touch on tinctures, soups, vinegars, teas, honeys, salves, and steams, as well as some harvesting and processing basics. Everyone will make an 8 oz vodka tincture to take home.
May 16 // 7:00 pm
There is magic in flowers beyond the beauty and scent. In this workshop we will taste teas made from edible flowers like rose, clover, and calendula. Flowers have much to offer us whether we are seeking digestive, emotional, or reproductive support. Many of these flowers are easily grown in gardens or found in our yards. Everyone will make and leave with a flower tea blend that I promise will be nothing like the scented sachets in your grandmother's bathroom.



Wild Origins was started by an Aniko Zala, an herbalist whose interests lie in the intersection between nature, self empowerment, and self care. Their herbal workshops help others find the power that herbs have to bring bodies and minds into balance and our hand-made herbal offerings are alternatives to the chemicals of mainstream products.