Tonneau Earrings in Green

Hello Zephyr

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A tonneau (barrel) is a container made of wood used to store liquids for consumption. It allows the aging of the wine. Herodotus mentions in the fifth century BC. AD a wine trade by sea, between Armenia and Mesopotamia, using palm wood barrels. The barrel is often considered a Celtic, more precisely Galic, invention but the oldest iconographic traces of barrels actually come from Etruria in the sixth century BC. With slightly curved edges, inspired by the shape of wine barrels. 
Made with polymer clay. The earring pad is in titanium - nickel-free. 6.5cm x 3cm. It's sturdy but should be handled with care. Extremely lightweight. 


Every piece of Hello Zephyr jewelry is made by hand in France, especially for you. No two pieces are identical - variations make each piece an original work of art.